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Now that I have completed my

Now that I have completed my goat hunt with a rifle I have a new found respect for those that do it with a bow.  It is challenging beyond belief with a rifle, but the bow is a whole nother story.  For example, I took my billy at 250 yards.  Now they were in a spot that you could have gotten to them for a shot with the bow, but it would have involved at least a two hour hike straight up.  It may have even taken three hours to get above them and then hope they didn't move off.

Once you got to the top you woulod have had to stalk close enough all why keeping your breathing under control and get pass two sets of eyes.  Those goats are smart enough to lay facing in opposite directins so it is hard to sneak up on them.

Kudos and props to anyone who takes one with a bow - they have my utmost respect.

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