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archery elk success

Had a successful but short archery season this year. I had to work the first 2 weeks of season and only had a week off to hunt. Killed the cow first day out after a long and very wet day of hunting. I had till the end of january to fill that tag but she just looked so young and tender, plus it's way more fun shooting them with a bow.

I shot my bull a week later while waiting for the wind to change so I could put a stock on a herd bull I've been after for a few years. I bugled one last time to locate the herd bull and this satellite came walking in past me at 10 yards. It was my last day late in the afternoon and I just couldn't pass him up. Hopefully the herd bull makes it through the rifle seasons and I can try my luck on him next year. 

Good luck to all with unfilled tags... unless your after my herd bull:)

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Hope you have room in the freezer!!! Nice animals!! Great job Tbone!!

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Very nice!  I'd like to see

Very nice!  I'd like to see the herd bull, if he was just a satellite bul! Congrats!

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well done

That is in a certainly a nice bull,especially with a bow. Congrats.

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Congrats on two great elk ! To get it done in a short time with your bow is awesome. Congrats again !


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Congrats that's awesome!

Congrats that's awesome! Hopefully you've got a big freezer!

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That is very cool about

That is very cool about getting both elk. Congratulations on a great job. Now that the fun and work are done it is time to enjoy the fruit of your labor.

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Thanks guys. glad you enjoyed

Thanks guys. glad you enjoyed the pix. and yes I do have a big freezer but I don't have much room left in it. I had to give away what was left of last years pronghorn to make room. I don't know how I'm gonna fit my 3rd season buck so I think I'm gonna hold out for a good one and if I get lucky donate the meat. I prefer elk over deer and pronghorn anyway.

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Two elk with the bow, great job congrats!

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Nice Job!

Nice job! Two elk with a bow is awesome. Honestly, I'm still new to Colorado. I didn't know you could shoot two elk with a bow. I knew you could shoot one with a bow and then one with rifle. Can you shoot two with rifle as well? Fill me in on this I would appreciate it. Thanks.

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You can actually shoot 3 or

You can actually shoot 3 or more elk per year if you really wanted to. You can have a list A (bull, either sex, some antlerless), list B (mostly cow tags) and as many list C's as you want(plains ES, some private land cow tags, auction and raffle tags). You can shoot elk with a bow with a rifle tag but not with a muzzleloader tag for some reason.

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