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Archery elk in MT unit 410

Hello I'm new to the site and I'm trying to find some info on Montana Unit 410 for archery elk. First heres a quick bio to give you my abilities in the field to help with my questions. I'm from UP of MI, 29 yrs old, excellent shape and I have hunted archery elk in Gunnison Co. I was successfull harvesting a 5x5 (58 yard shot); over 5 miles from the truck, on foot in the rugged West Elk Wilderness (12000ft elevation) with my brother. That was my first elk and second trip out there. I am hooked, my wife calls it elk fever! Back to MT Unit 410: I was reading a Hunting Fool magazine and found the Missouri Breaks area to have excellent elk numbers and quality along with lower elevation. I found a ton of information on the unit, however not very recent stuff and I'm trying to narrow it down a bit. I will be going for a week within the first 3 weeks of the season before it gets 2 much pressure. I am thinking of using a 14' boat w/ a quiet 4 stroke motor (depending on water level) to get down the river and to be more mobile. Then hike in a bit and make a spike camp and glass from a vantage. This seems more reliable than the roads if it were to rain or just to get away from some of the crowd. I am not opposed to hiking in miles to get away if I were to hunt from the roads, however I could not find a hunting partner this year so this limits how far a guy can pack out an animal by himself. Just wondering if anyone has had good experience with one option over the other? If so where would be a good spot to take off from? Should I focus on any certain area of the unit? I would consider finding another person or a group of three at the most that are going to be hunting this area to team up with.  Also what is the chance of seeing a Grizzly, or Rattlers? So please let me know what you guys think and your experience. Thanks in advance!!!

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There varen't any grizzlies

There aren't any grizzlies in the Breaks area of Montana. They're all over on the west side of the state. What are the odds of getting that tag for 410?

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No Griz

No griz in that area, they are all in the yellow stone area and western part of the State for the most part. But I believe that you will need a bunch of points to draw a tag in the Breaks. JMO


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I checked a few maps for

I checked a few maps for allocation of grizzly bears in MT and it stated that there were a few observations in the area. Thats why I asked. As far as the 410 draw it looks like 85% draw odds without any points and you are allowed to buy 1 Bonus point for $20 prior to the draw. However the draw odds are according to the Hunting Fool magazine and I did not check on the MT webstie. I guess I will know in a month, and just want to be prepared. Thanks!

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Mt unit 410

I live near Glasgow,MT which is on the north side of the CMR along the Milk river in NE Montana. The area you are talking about hunting at one time was great hunting, and is still pretty good hunting but has become tougher in the last 10 years or so. A archery tag is not that hard to draw, I believe you have a 75% chance of drawing without any preferance points. There are some rattlers but I have only heard of a handfull of bites each year. THERE ARE NO GRIZZLIES IN THAT AREA. Your 14 foot boat will not cut it up on the lake, you might see some guys use little boats when the lake is glass, but that doesnt happen much, trust me. You will see other hunters more then likely when you hunt and you are a good 50 miles from Winnett where there is fuel and supplies. Also, you are too late to apply for a tag this fall if you haven't done so. Last 2 years there were NR big game combo tags left over, but you would have to hunt an area open in the general season, and yes, more then likely that area would have Grizz.

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