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Archery elk hunt in the Gila wilderness NM

Drew a tag for first archery elk hunt in 16B in the Gila NM. Any tips on where I should scout? Thanks! 


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It's been a long time since I

It's been a long time since I hunted the Gila and have never hunted 16b.

This year I did put in. 16B is a big unit and there are no roads so horses help but there are many people who have killed big bulls without horses.

As you may know the there was a big fire last summer.

My plan A was to have someone pack me in as close to the eastern edge of the burn area as possible. If the rains come in this summer it should green up nice and the elk should be there fattening up.

Plan B was to come in from the north and bivy hunt. I wanted to cover as much ground as possible and hopefully get into elk. The place I had decide on parking was call indian creek if I remember correctly.

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