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archery elk help

called in my first bull last year by bugling and cow calling. Had a nice 6x6 come in and was able to get a shot off. Unfortuanately, nerves and excitement made for a miss at about 45 yds. 2 days later I called a huge 5x5 in but could not get around a tree without getting busted. Was thinking about buying a Montana elk decoy this year. Thought it would help pull them in, hold them alittle and put their attention somewhere else? I mostly hunt alone so I cant have someone else call behind me. Any ideas, thoughts or even better, experience would be greatly appriciated.
Happy hunting!

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archery elk help

It sounds as though your doing just fine, as is. The key with archery is having the patience to wait for the shot. That is a tough one. Your brain is telling you not to screw it up and not let him get away, in the same thought.
Even though you have brought in a bull and he is within your range doesn't neccessarily mean that it's the proper time.
Keep quiet and still until he presents himself. It may be minutes or hours. If he doesn't present himself, without fear of chasing him off. Hold your position and if he walks off. try again. Don't risk chasing him off. He could end up in the next county.
You've got him in. Wait for that moment. If he walks off. At least you know where he is. Apply patience, patience and more patience.
Also, while your watching and waiting on this bull. Be sure to keep an eye on your surrounding area. There's a good chance that he won't be the only one that shows up. It'll help keep your mind occupied.

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archery elk help

The decoy might not be a bad idea. My buddy has one and we've had elk come all the way in and sniff it before. it works pretty well

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