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Archery elk in GMU 18 troublesome area - bivy hunt

I'm planning on bow hunting the upper east fork of the troublesome creek this year.  I will be hunting solo bivy style for 6+ days.  I'll be coming in from the east and need some advice about this area.  I have looked over maps for countless hours and have a plan but still am unsure about elk numbers and pressure.  

I've read posts on here for years and it seems like this area could be a bit over hunted with hikers and outfitters.  I've also been told that the outfitters are usually for rifle hunters.  

If i'm far off on my location for elk be good to find out now.  Snow's melting fast and I will be scouting shortly.

feel free to pm me if you don't feel comfortable on the public forum.




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I guess I should clarify that

I guess I should clarify that I'm talking about unit 18 in COLORADO!  

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Rough country

Coming from the east into the troublesome by foot is a big undertaking and if you get an elk you may want to make prior arrangements for help getting it out. If you want a hand then send me a pm


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Been backpacking into upper

Been backpacking into upper Troublesome Creek, never hunted the area though.  The trails were well used by horses, very wide and soft.  We stayed at campsites built by outfitters along the creek a couple of nights.  We did see a moose and lots of moose sign.  Didn't see any elk, but we weren't really looking for them either.  The most memorable thing was the horrible biting flies...vicious little buggers.

I didn't think the access was too rough, we drove in from highway 125 and then dropped into the Troublesome drainage with our packs.  This was one of my sons first backpacking trips, he was 6 years old and didn't have any trouble with the terrain hiking 4-6 miles a day.

Good luck and have a great hunt.  

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That's a hell lot of

That's a hell lot of fun...

But I think hunting solo isn't a great idea. You need some guys to help you with things. You sure could ask someone.

Just an advice though. Hava a happy hunting trip!


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