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Archery Bull

I've been an avid reader of BGH for years. I've never posted...just read in envy of all the success stories. I finally have one of my own I've been hunting since I was 12 with a rifle. I decided four years ago to become a bow hunter. I've hunted elk in OTC units for the past three years and saving up points. I was a customer of Exbio before he shut down his Western Hunting site. I was into elk every year. However, I never had and shots. This year, was very different. I drew out my archery elk tag this year and became the owner of my first 5x5 bull and first animal with my bow. I was blessed to find the elk the second day of season this year due to many miles of scouting preseason and pure determination. I was on foot, five miles into a remote area. I shot this beautiful bull at five minutes to sun down. I packed out the head after gutting and hanging all the meat in a tree. A long five mile walk back to the truck and an hour drive back to camp put me in bed at 3:45 in the morning. After two hours of sleep, I got up and rented a horse to pack out my meat. Hunting is what drives me. It reaches deep within and keeps me yearning for more. It's not just about getting an elk, it's the whole experience I'm proud to be posting my first bull elk taken with a bow. Best of luck to those still hunting hard!

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Congrats, that is awesome.


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Very nice!  Great bull, let

Very nice!  Great bull, let alone first with a bow! Congrats!

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Bigtime congrats!

Very huge accomplishment and you did it on your own!  Way to go. I hope to feel your elation soon as I'll be heading back out this coming Friday with my bow. Again, great job!

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  Congrats DenverBowHunter -


Congrats DenverBowHunter - that is an excellent first bull! Thumbs up

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Good job. 

Good job.  Thumbs up

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Congratulations, seems like a hard earned bull....I've been chomping at the bit here to get out.  Two more days...

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Can't help

to reitterate Everyone else's response!!! Great job!!!! I wish I was young again and not all broken up!!!! You have the fever now I bet!!!!! Not that you didn't before, because you were on a mission for sure!!!! Thanks for sharing, you got my Blood pumping and brought back some great memories!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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DenverBowHunter Thank you for your nice post.

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Congrats on the elk, the

Congrats on the elk, the first one is usually the most special one that you will ever take.  I have also found out that the first elk usually falls into one of two categories.  Either the hardest one or the easiest one, there is no in between. 

I remember my first elk and the 3 day pack out like it was yesterday and not over 40 years ago. 

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Congrats on a great bull and

Congrats on a great bull and great hunt. Hopefully next month I'll be posting my own success story.  Thumbs up

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