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archery black bear help

I just recently booked a late summer 2012 archery black bear hunt in Canada.  I am shooting a PSE Bowmadness XS, 70# wgt, 27" draw.  I shoot a carbon express 300 grain carbon, with 100 grain G5 montec, and Blazer veins.  This is basically my Whitetail setup.  I am wondering if I will get maximum penetration for a good clean kill on a black bear, and if this is the right setup for bear.  I dont want to waste a trip to Canada without the proper gear.

Also if anyone knows what the weather is like around Ontario, Canada in August, ie bugs, heat, cool, rainy, snowy, I would appreciate the help.


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Your whitetail set up will be fine to kill a black bear.  The only recomendation I would make would be to switch to a 125 gr broadhead, not for the energy increase but for the increase in your cutting area.  The black bear is not a hard animal to kill if you make a good shot.  If you make a poor shot, good chance you will not get the animal and it will die a slow horrible death.  So best advice it to practice, A LOT!

As far as conditions "around Ontario".  BIG area!!!!!  You know artic tundra, to borial forest then into the great lakes.  So Bugs -Yes, Heat - Yes, Cool (even cold) - Yes, Rain - Yes, Snow - Maybe.

Get a bug jacket or suit.  Don't use bug dope or a thero-cell a bears nose is better than a dogs.  Besides having a great nose their hearing is unbelieviable.  Listen to you guide!

Good luck

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