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Archery: I am a 37yr old female interested in archery......any suggestions for my first bow???

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Re: Archery

Go to your local pro shop, and shoot a few. That's the only way to tell if you feel comfortable with the bow. I shoot a Fred Bear grizzly recurve myself, and Fred Bear bows are good bows for a good price.

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Re: Archery

The suggestion of going to a bow shop and trying a few bows is excellent. Might add decide what you want to do with the bow, target shooting or hunting or both. If you decide to hunt make sure you get a bow with a poundage that is legal for hunting, but light enough for you to enjoy.

Traditional gear is great, but I wouldn't exclude compound bows either. Mathews makes a line of bows geared to woman. Also, they make a Genesis bow that may be a good way to get started. It is like a recurve but has wheels.


But as said previously try out as many as you can and find the one that feels and looks good to you.

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Re: Archery

Good advice here. Shoot as many types and brands as possible before making a purchase.


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Did you end up getting a

Did you end up getting a bow?  If so, what did you get?

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