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Is it better to practice archery with or without sights/scopes? I have recently just joined an archery club and I was wondering if it will be more beneficial in the future if i practice with or without the sighting scopes? For now, since I just started I am only shooting about 5M away so I can't tell which one is better since the target is really close. But if someone is experienced in this field and can provide me an answer I will be very grateful. Thanks guys!

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Re: archery

I don't see how you can be precise in your placement without pins beyond 20 yards. I've never seen nor used a scope on a bow, and they aren't legal for hunting in Colorado. So, since you're on BigGameHunt, I'd have to assume you intend to hunt with it, in which case, I'd rule out the scope.

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Re: archery

You really need to practice with what you are going to be able to use in the field. If the optical sights system is legal in the state that you will be hunting then that is what to use. Other than that open sights or the pin system is better.

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Re: archery

Get a nice sight and practice with it.

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Re: archery

I was always taught that it is a great aset to be able to shoot natural no sights at first and that way if something happens to your sights you have a way out and you then can shoot instinctivley.
And I do believe the way to go is with sights and since you are after a Elk who like Bear like to come out around dusk a fiber optic sight or lighted sight if allowed is a must.
Thats great you joined a club, because the real answer is practice, practice, practice. And sounds like your doing it right and starting out close just like sighting in with a gun.
Hats off for you giving archery a try and taking time to do it right. Thumbs up

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