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AR15 .223

Any thoughts on Ar15s for coyotes? any good ideas for optics? I put a BSA green dot on lasted 2 rounds and the dot covered the entire target at 75 yds.
I don't want to spend a whole lot on optics just something that works good(saving $ for ammo Big smile damn 30 rd clips go to fast)

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AR15 .223

Don't know whether you're talking about a standard A1/A2 or a flattop, but check out A.R.M.S. for mounts and rings (expensive, but solid) and then put REAL glass on top if you want to chase coyotes. A 3-9x or 4-12x would work well.

Check your local laws to make sure those 30-round magazines are legal for "hunting" (even varmints).

Otherwise, AR15 is just a .223 like any other .223 sporter, just black, ugly, and you don't have to work the bolt but once. And, in good hands, surprisingly accurate. Victory on the battlefield is not measured in the number of misses.

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'Coydog' rifle!

Yeah! Here's a suggestion:

Get you a Savage in .22/250 and save the AR-15 Shame on You! Brick Wall,) for shootin turtles off of logs!

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AR15 .223

Ditto what doghouse said. The .223 is perfectly adequate for taking coyotes, so long as you don't try taking shots beyond your range. You will need decent sights on it, though, whether those are open, peep, or a good scope. Good scopes are not cheap. as a broad rule of thumb, you should budget as much for the scope as you did for the rifle.

Good luck.

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AR15 .223

I agree with the previous posts, a .223 is a good varmit gun. You may need to spend a little cash to get a decent scope for it though. If you go cheap, you get what you pay for.

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AR15 .223

AR15 is a fine platform for 'yotes. If you want a reflex style sight, check out tasco's pro point, anything in aim point, or if you've got some money to blow a trijicon TA01 (4x32 ACOG). The latter comes in a version that has a 223 bdc reticle that is illuminated and will easily mount in any carry handle (A1/A2/A3).

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AR15 .223

I love using my AR to thin the local coyote population. They allow for quick follow up shots, and are extremeley accurate even with open sights. I mainly use my open sights because I hunt in areas that have thick cover, are not to open, and my shots are usually 100 yards or less.

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