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AR hunt ?

I will be traveling to AR sometime this winter Dec-Jan time frame. I am from WI and never hunted in AR. I will be traveling with my family to visit family. We will be staying in Garland county. I looked on the Ar hunting website to see whats out there for hunting opportunitys. From what i read i think the 5 day hunt with the bow is what i want to do. Now i noticed that you can shoot hogs year around. A couple of questions i have is what is the best way to find a place to hunt i.e public land? As far as the hogs go i seen something that says you have to have a tag for that hunting area to shoot them. But that was all i seen. Not sure if my 5 day hunting license covers that or not. Also are there any good areas to hunt near/in Garland county? Looking to mainly deer hunt but am willing to shoot anything (like hogs). Also if i shoot an animal is there places where i can donate the meat to a local food pantry? Don't get me wrong i love to eat vension, but i think it would be more of a hassle to try to bring the meat back to WI with me. Thanks in advance for any help.


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Funny, I would never have

Funny, I would never have thought to chime in here, but my friend out here just started asking the same thing on another board.  He will be travelling to Mississippi for a month or so, and has been given access to some land a little bit away in Arkanses.  He will be hunting it, and I think it's coming up soon.  I will ask him when he returns, and if you haven't got an answer, I will pass it along.

I think he is going to be in the Fort Smith area.  Not sure what county that is in, if it's near Garland county, but I will see.  He's going for whitetail, not sure about hogs.

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Your in AR might as well go

Your in AR might as well go waterfowl hunting instead of hog hunting... And not to bust your balls but I was always taught eat what you kill... if you don't plan on eating it why on earth do you want to go hunting? Confused

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I do eat what i kill when i

I do eat what i kill when i can. But owning a beef farm i have all the meat i want, plus my wife doens't eat wild game. When i shoot deer i usually donate my meat to a needy family that bascially live off of venison.  So it's not like i am wasting the animal, i still clean the deer and butcher it. I still eat some, but it's usually some type of sausage. I hunt because i love the outdoors and the challenge of hunting animals. Don't worry your not busting my balls.

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I don't live near Garland

I don't live near Garland County, but can give my 2 cents worth from the Arkansas Ozarks. By Dec., the deer have been hunted hard and the mast is drying up. If you can find a food plot, get on it, or anything still green, as the deer will hit it hard. As for hogs, if you are legally hunting anything, Game and Fish strongly encourages you to kill them. They are an exception to the "Wasting edible portions" law. Even if you don't want to eat them, kill them and let them rot. They are an invasive species and we are trying to massacre them at every opportunity. We're losing the battle. Granted, there's a world of difference in North and South Arkansas, but Garland County is in the Ouchitas, so it may not be much different than the hills in which I was raised. Hope this helps and good luck. (And the good thing is you won't have to dress nearly as warmly down here).  

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260 Rem

Thanks for the info. I will definatly try to do my part in helping control the hog population. I love killin me some animals!!

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ar. hunting

send me an e-mail mess.  maybe I can help

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