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April 15 2006 bear hunt
jayita wrote:
I want to ask you what type of bait you use and why ? also you mentioned looking for a good baiting site for your camera so my question would be how do you know the site you picked is good from bad ? what do you look for in finding a good spot ?


It all depends on what time of the year You are hunting.
If hunting in spring I prefer to use light baits, like Honey , bread, raspberry, blueberry, sugar mixed with water, meat scrap ( very little ) Vanilla oil, Anise oil etc..... Here's how You do it :

mix 2 cup of sugar to 1 cup of water and boil them together for few minutes, by now they should become thick. get some of ur old bread and cut to small pieces and add them to ur sugar liquid and spread them all over ur bait site , also pour some of the sugar liquid on trees ..

for raspberry, mix it with bread and spread it at ur bait site, do the same thing with blueberry and Honey. don't forget to pour blue / raspberry and honey onto some trees also. what we are doing here is making our own donuts in case we cannot get old donuts from stores, the difference here is our donuts is FRESH and alot cheaper !!!! If You cannot find raspberry and blueberry buy them in syrups they will do just fine.

get few cloth and damp some in Anise oil and some in vanilla oil and hang them high on trees nearby,, BEARS LOVE THEM !!

do all the steps above and then do ur honey / bacon burn and then leave ur baiting site .!! Here's why :

once u establish a bait site , Bears will come alot quicker to ur bait after u burn ur bacon and honey and leave, remember that Bears will stick nearby once u keep fresh food for them for 2 weeks , so everytime u enter the bait site they will know, they will be watching u and they will smell everything you are cooking for them , so if for 2 weeks u burn bacon for them and leave You educate them and let them know that I am done and leaving soon after my bacon is done so they come out of hiding soon u finish ur bacon/ honey burn why? because for few weeks u been doing just that ! so on the actual hunting day burn bacon / Honey and go to ur stand they will think You left and come out

For fall Hunt I use heavy baits like meat, fish etc... Here's what You do :
Mix the meat with fish and grind them together, make sure You keep all the blood and juice from grinding. put it in onion bag or potato bag ( screen bag ) then put it in a plastic bag and store it in freezer . 12 hours before ur hunting trip take the bag out of the freezer and let it melt inside the plastic bag, by doing this we are creating more juice so the bear could smell it miles away, at ur baiting site take off the plastic bag and hang the screen bag with the meat in it on urtree , do a bacon burn and go to ur stand and get Yourself Your dream Bear!!

To find the perfect baiting site here's what You look for :

Damp, thick, heavy. old dark wood, and most importantly WATER !! try to find a creek, river, small lake, and go from there and look for signs, do a test bait first and if ur bait has been hit by a Bear make it ur baiting site if not move to a different place . once u locate water setup ur bait within 100 yards from the water source , look for signs of Bears during ur scouting trips, do not try to find bears , if there is signs there is Bears! if You see Bears during ur scouting trips that's a bonus , be happy !
If You see 1 small Bear in ur area there is probably 20 Bears nearby that You didn't see .. once You establish Your baiting site You will see them all.
In spring look for Bears in slopes facing south !

I hope I did not forget anything Thumbs up

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April 15 2006 bear hunt
young-buck23 wrote:
hey im going on a hunt soon i was just wondering what kind of gun did you use because i like the gun you used

also, how did you know there was a bear den in that area?

I was using my favorite rifle : Remington model 700 deluxe 300 Win Mag silver plated . 2.5 X 24 X 50 scope.

I did not know there was a Bear den in the area , I was looking for signs of Bears or Bears and I bumped into the Bear den.
If You know Bear country and habitat it sure help You alot to find Bears or Bear den or Bear signs .. knowing what they eat and where they live will help You alot to find Bear dens for sure!

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April 15 2006 bear hunt

Here's where Bears like to hang out .
To start looking for them walk area like these, rivers, lakes, creeks and most importantly try to find a drainage .

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thank u

your answer was more than enough thank u .....
i will be waiting for your hunting news Big smile

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