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For those of you thinking about putting in for Oregon draws. You cab win a free sports pac(for residents) or a non-res licence for 2012 by applying before april 15th. The ODFW gives out 100 of these,  If you apply before JAN31 you get put in a drawing for these, they pull 50 winners then in FEB, the next chance is MAR15 then pull 30 from that and then the last chance is if you put in before APR15 they'll pull the last 20. Its a pretty good incentive to get those apps in early. You can go to the website for more info, The deadline to apply in Oregon is MAY 15. Good luck to everyone.

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I have far too many plans

I have far too many plans this year already to apply for another state but would like to get over there and hunt blacktail someday. I'm really looking forward to my fishing trip next month to look around and get a feel for your state. Hunting there is all in the future planning stages right now but I think it will happen at some point.

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Hunter25:  After hunting WY,

Hunter25:  After hunting WY, MT, AZ, UT, NM, CO, OR NV, and being quite successful out of state, I would have to say hunting blacktails in my own backyard in Oregon is by far the most difficult hunting I have done.  If you come you definitely need to consider a rut muzzleloader or bow hunt to increase your odds.

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Thanks for the information

Thanks for the information.  I appreciate the tip.


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