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Apples, is it a good year

Has anyone been seeing apples on the trees? The trees in my yard are loaded, we have about 40 apple trees and all the ones I prunned last year seem to have tons on them. Is it just a good year for apples again?

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Apples, is it a good year

Seems to be a good year around the CNY area also Thumbs up

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Apples, is it a good year

We received some frost kill on the hill top near my area of south central new York but apples on my stomping grounds seem to be unaffected this year cool

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Apples, is it a good year

Not NE USA, but Nova Scotia is close and I am seeing over abundance of all fruits up here. Apples, pears, blueberries, raspberries, and cherries are literally hanging off all the branches. The bears are going to be big this year I think. Thumbs up

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Apples, is it a good year

I started seeing a lot of apples last week. Berries seem to be plentiful too.

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decent apples here!

Decent apples here near Houlton Maine. I was surprised because of the VERY rainy spring! Those bees are amazing- the can even pollenate when it raining outside!

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