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Sorry for the RANT string, as it came out all wrong, and didn't say what I really meant to say!

Gentlemen, I meant no disrespect, but was trying to make people aware that info offered needs to be factual. If you don't know, simply defere to someone who does, rather than guessing. That is all I was trying to get across, but I did it poorly, and I apologize! NOW! I'll bid you fairwell! sad

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Mac I haven't seen what your talking about but this I'm pretty sure of. Your a class act my friend. Hope all is well!

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You by no means gave an impression of disrespect.
You made some VERY valid points, no apology needed for the "rant" so to speak.
The finger pointed at that thread is what has me thrown off.
If your post would have been a stand alone thread labeled...rant,
I would have posted in almost full agreement.
Class act posting an aplogy Thumbs up
You have posted many a good read here, and hope you will continue to do so.


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