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Aoudad in California?

It has come to my attention that there is a free-ranging population of aoudad in the las padres national forest of california.

Has anyone ever hunter them there? I am looking for some usable information on how/where to go about planning a hunt for them.

Anyone that is willing to help me out would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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I wasn't aware that they were

I wasn't aware that they were in the L.P.N.F. ::huh:

At any rate, yes, they are free ranging, but almost all on private land.  The main guy who has access and runs the hunts has been a guide for other species (elk and deer) as well, for the last 20 years.  Here is his site.


I have never hunted with him, but I hear he knows his stuff.

Good luck!

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You can find them around

You can find them around Herst Castle area.

Use a Bow!

And there real stinky when you knock one down.

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Now I don't know for sure they are on the L.P.N.F. that's just what I was told.

That's why I am inquiring further. I also heared the Herst Castle aria had them but I was under the impression that was all private land. Is there anywhere they range in CA that has enought public land to realisticly go after one on a DIY hunt?

Does anybody know how hard they get hunted there? (being CA i figured they got hammered pretty hard, but then again I don't know)

After realizing how expensive Texas hunts are, this is a more viable option for me....if it's viable at all!

Anyone thats okay with helping a fellow hunter out with some information on these guys and where I might start my quest at, please let me know. Feel free to PM me if you don't want to discuss it on the forum. Thanks!

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i'm not sure how much you're

i'm not sure how much you're willing to spend, but if it's goats you're after, texas has a MUCH better population. while it may be a little farther for you, the time spent locating, hunting and killing an audad is probably going to be much less in texas.

it's cheaper to fly these days anyways and rent a car at your destination.

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I didn't realize California

I didn't realize California had them either but I know what your saying about the cost as I've done a lot of research on them in Texas and New Mexico. A guided hunt in Texas starts at about 3500 and goes up from there. I've found a few cheaper but not real sure how shady they are. New Mexico has huntable populations on public land but I don't think the success is very high and the license is around 300 as opposed to 45 in Texas.

Not sure if I'll ever get to hunt them at those prices but I'm still looking for a better deal.

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Yeah there is a huntable

Yeah there is a huntable bunch if you can find them here in NM.  i spent 2 weeks looking for them and all i found was a sore feet and a bad sun burn.  A guy i work with has killed 2 nice looking ones in back to back years.  Everytime i go in the spring time to sportsmens warehouse they have like 20 new pictures of them that people have put up.  all nice looking too.  there is really 2 different areas to hunt them.  the draw in the southeast part of the state which i did.  and the northeast part of the state and a very small are in the northwest part of state.  no draw need. 

I have heard to that they are in Californa. The southern part of the state, but i couldn't tell you which part..  if you do find out more info, do share..

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