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Anyone using an AR15?

I recently went out shooting on the range with a friend that has an AR15 (223 cal.).  Now that was a lot of fun.  I was very impressed with the accuracy of the gun.

Since I have been toying with the idea of getting one of these, I decided to start doing my homework on the internet to see what is all available.  What I found was a lot of brands, a lot of different models, and all kinds of options for these guns.  I have been told on a few occasions that "all the parts are interchangeable so it doesn't matter which one you buy".  In theory that may be true, but in actuality, I can't help but feel there are differences.

So.....for those of you with AR15 experience, what do you think?  What are you shooting brand and model wise?  What experience do any of you have with this style gun?  Thanks for the help.

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Recently purchased  Bushmaster V-Match which has a 24 inch match target barrel. I primarily will use this gun for predator/coyote hunting. I've already found two areas on this gun I will be modifying. The first thing is the 'two stage match trigger' on the gun. It's too stiff and heavy for consistent accurate shooting. I'm going to drop the 200 bucks and order a Timney AR trigger which advertises as breaking at 3 pounds which ought to be about perfect. The other thing is the long 24 inch barrel which does make a pretty heavy rifle. I'm going to save up and hope to have the funds to get a Bushmaster 20 inch Predator upper to use on it by next fall. This has a vented barrel to reduce weight. I've only shot 55gr Hornady V-Max which grouped at 1 inch or slightly over consistently but with a 1 in 9 twist the heavier 60 gr bullets might give better accuracy. If you plan on using yours as a walking predator gun look at those models from Rock River Arms Bushmaster and others made for that like the carbines. Their made a little lighter otherwise any of the other target models would be great as bench or longe range p-dog smackers. I've handled a Rem. AR15 which comes camoed and with a 20 inch barrel and it is very handy and didn't feel really heavy. I'd already bought mine though. Rock River Arms has some excellent features as well. You can change uppers with lowers from different manufactures but I've heard sometimes the fit isn't great and can be sloppy and loose. But, I've heard some from different brands can also fit together very snug and nice. I've also found scope mounts need to be higher then on a regular rifle to accomodate a good cheek weld for me at least.

Hope this helps!

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I used to own a Bushmaster

I used to own a Bushmaster V-match 16" carbine that I used for IPSC rifle competition.  Ar's are very accurate rifles and very capable.  Most AR components are interchangable but quality varies quite a bit from company to company.  I sold my rifle after I got out of the rifle section of IPSC.  Our strict Can. gun laws would not allow me to hunt with the rifle and I was only allowed to shoot it at a reg. range.  I'd love to have another one if the laws up here ever change.  The remington r-15 is an inexpensive way to get a bushmaster ar15 since they are the parent company now.

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