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anyone use dogs for squirrels?

Id like to find a squirrel dog or someone who trains them but i havent found much of anything. Im leaning toward a fiest but i dont know much about curs. Are they hard to train or should i lean toward one that has already been trained?

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anyone use dogs for squirrels?

Most any dog with a high prey drive will chase and tree squirrles. I have sled dogs that I hunt squirrels and snowshoe hare with. They are silent but I keep them in visual contact at all times.. I didn't train them. I just let nature take its coarse.
Fiests and curs are probably best at it. I know a guy who uses his wife's Jack Russell Terrorists.

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anyone use dogs for squirrels?

I agree almost any dog will find and chase squirrels just let em roam.

The question is do you want a big dog or small dog? What other qualitys do you want in your dog?

There are too many to list that could be squirrel huntin dogs.

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anyone use dogs for squirrels?

i dont know if you are still looking for a dog I would suggest a cur but Im biased..lol i dont have any pups right now but I know several people who do send me a email I will get you the info


also go join squirrelhaters.net all the info you could ever want on squirrel dogs some of the best in the world are on that site....

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