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Anyone use a 243 for deer ?

I hate being a nay-sayer, but my wife has a .243 in Wichester featherweight mod. 70. I've taken one deer with it and so has she. They did go down just not as fast as with my '06 or her .270. I put two in the same hole with two different exit wounds right behind the point of the shoulder. They just didn't go down like I appreciate. I feel it's a better 'lope or 'yote gun and just a bit small for deer. IT WILL work though. I used 90 gr handloads.

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Anyone use a 243 for deer ?

I took a pronghorn and a whitetail doe this year with my .243 shooting a sierra game king 100 gr bullet.

The pronghorn was interesting. I shot him from a distance of 253 yards and after shooting one of my hunting buddies told me I missed. He was just standing there so I chambered another round but before I could fire, he just fell over dead.

It was a perfect shot, but the goat needed a few seconds to realize he was dead.

The doe was shot at about 90 yards and went 30 yards.

I love my .243.

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Anyone use a 243 for deer ?

every kid i know has used a .243w/100gr bullet on their first mule deer, including me

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Anyone use a 243 for deer ?

The .243 Win is one of my favorite cartridges. I have used it on several deer and will do it again. One bullet I like is the Speer 85 gr BTSP. I killed a muley doe with it that was quartering away @ about 100 yards. The bullet penetrated a good 14" @ that angle. At that distance you know the impact velocity was high but it held up. I lost the bullet before I could weigh it but it held at least half of it's weight and was a perfect little mushroom.

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