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Anyone use a 12 gauge shotgun for hogs?

I was wondering how common this was also. I only have 1 gun and its a Mossberg 500 12ga. With slugs I can hold a 5-6" pattern at 50yds standing up (no rest) with only the bead sight. This should do the trick if I can stalk up to one. I'm looking at getting a Rifled slug barrel for sabot slugs and mounting a scope to it as well. I like the idea of 1 gun to do it all hahaha. Plus I'm on a tight budget.

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Anyone use a 12 gauge shotgun for hogs?

hey guys i did this a pile last year me and some friends have a old orange grove that we can hunt that is grown over whip grass as high as your waist the hogs are as thick as rats and all sizes we got three boars over 250 probly 60 pigs in all they were all eaten my us and friends .. starting this hunt i was a full believer in buckshot 3 mag winchester copper coat 00 out of a remington 870 with full choke 8 pellets out of 10 in a pie plate 40 yrds .. we started loosing hogs evan on real close shots close i mean 5 to 8 yrds on running pigs i was using buckshot the 2 other guys buckshot and slugs ..pigs leave almost no bloodtrail with buckshot bad news .. we started using slugs only but still had a few hogs run off evan on standing shots hog not moving ..a friend of mine at work ordered a slug mold and started making sluges with harder lead from midway products ... let me tell you what eber u use do NOT use hollow points and use the hardest shot u can get the sluges he made blasted trhough a big bores shield front shoulder and out the other side and left a masive blood trail for the six feet that it ran ..if you are searous about hogs use the hardest shot you can get

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