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Anyone still hunt elk with a lever gun?

Any of you experienced elk hunters still hunt with a lever gun? How far are most elk shots in Colorado or other states you hunt in?

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Anyone still hunt elk with a lever gun?

Not exclusively, but there is a patch of Pinyon/Junipers that we set up a drive every year and when I am a driver, I pack the Win model 64A 30/30 with open sights. I would say that a 30 yard shot would be a long one in that mess.

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Anyone still hunt elk with a lever gun?

lever actions are an excellent choice for close -in timber hunting for elk. I always used open sights. Many years ago that is all the gun I could afford, so that is what I used. It was a 30-30 and than I had a .32 Win. Sp. also. both good guns up to 100yds. for elk. Using these guns you adjust your hunt to the gun your using........dark timber, brushy draws,etc.
Now I use a Rem.7mm.

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Anyone still hunt elk with a lever gun?

I have a friend who hunts with a 30/30 lever action. He only takes shots at 100 yards and less. He kills some elk but not very many. I've teased him for years about getting a "real elk rifle" but he is dead set on hunting with his 30/30 with iron sights.
My family gives me to much heat if I don't bring home elk meat, as it's our main staple. They'll let me get skunked one year but two in a row and they let me know about it aaaallllllllll winter, spring and summer. So I hunt with the best equipment so I can to better my odds. I did own a .270 Lever action once but didn't use it so I sold it to a friend.

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Anyone still hunt elk with a lever gun?

Absolutely. I use a lever 7mm Rem Mag.

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Anyone still hunt elk with a lever gun?

Marlin 1895 Guide Gun 45/70 Govt, shooting 420 gr Garret loads. It shoots 2"groups at 100yds, opensights. Points and swings like a Fox sterlingworth
Through trial and learning and luckily No lost animals, found out this particular bullet works far better when used on a high shoulder shot versus my old meat hunter behind the shoulder rib shot.
Believe it or not on the high shoulder shot, I don't know if it's the lack of velocity, but meat damage is minimal, nothing like is found with my 270",300 Wtrby , but still will take out both shoulders, this has been done on several elk at 170 yds or less and one moose at 80yds.
Using this load behind the shoulder, bullet went through like the animal was toilet paper, no expansion just straight through, minimal damage, required a second finisher through the back as he was climbing out of the draw.

I grew up shooting a M-94 32 Win Spcl, until Jack O'Connor brainwashed me and that lasted for quite awhile, my old 32 accounted for everything that runs crawls or flies in the Rocky Mtns except for grizz, sheep and goat, and if Hornady begins to offer the leverlution in 32, I'll maybe pull it out of the safe and slip it in the scabbard again

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just a moment of your time please

Before the great war my grandfather traded a half a bottle of whiskey for a 26 inch octagon Win 94 or so the story goes. This is all he ever used .
I had just been given my Dads Weatherby who had been given to him by some guy named Roy, when my grandfather and I were out hunting elk. He raised up his antique and dropped a bull at about 200 yards away. (lung shot) He then in a grumpy voice said why in the world would someone spend lots of money on a new fangled magnum when this 30-30 works fine is beyond me.
So whenever me or a friend is discussing why this calibre is better than this calibre. I think of this moment and grin. He has forever twisted my thinking on rifles. YOU BET I Hunt with crank yankers

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