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anyone shoot a tikka T3 ??

i was amazed on the weekend that my new T3 270 shot winchester super x ammo better then the supreme xp3....both were same grain 150. just wondering what kinda ammo your T3 seems to prefer? thanks for the info guys...happy hunting!! Thumbs up

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anyone shoot a tikka T3 ??

Hello I also shot the same ammo through my tikka t3 .270wsm Thumbs up L ove my t3 it is a great fast, straight and accurate gun. couldn't be happier

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anyone shoot a tikka T3 ??

The T3's are supposed to shoot most any of the premium well.... I never have been able to find a list of what they test the rifles with at the factory though.

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anyone shoot a tikka T3 ??

i shoot handloads out of my tikka .300 win and ill tell ya its worth the investment in time and money to reload. after testing about 7 different loads ive got my t3 shooting 1/2 inch groups at 200 yards, and hitting hard. i love this rifle

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anyone shoot a tikka T3 ??

I have the T 3 in 338 Federal. I shoot Federal Fusion 200 gr Bonded bullets. Very accurate!!!

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anyone shoot a tikka T3 ??

I have 2 .308 and 300WSW and they both drive tacks at any distance. the one thing I like about them the most is they seem to have no perference to grain weight. When I go from 150 gr to 180 gr all I need to do is re-zero and they rock the house. The price is right too. Mine are synthetic and I wish for the 300 I would have bought one in wood for the weight issue, when shooting the 300 you know it's a BIG CALIBER. But, I dont think you can go wrong. A Tika rep told me the barrels for TIKA and SAKO are the same? I do not this to be factual, but it's what was told to me.

Have fun!

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