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Anyone know any hot spots in the NW?

Hey all i am looking for a great place to drop my line for the Christmas weekend. Maybe bring home dinner...

Any Ideas?

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Anyone know any hot spots in the NW?

If you mean drop a line for fish then you should try local rivers for steelhead. It's been "Fish On!!" lately. As for a specific hot spot. The only way to find them is fish te river's and put your time in. It's not fair to alot of us when you fish or hunt countless hour's in search of good holes and techniques and then people from out of the area get tips on the web of specificly where to go and, it's spoiled alot of good holes like, the SKY River Hatchery. In the last 4 years it's blown up!! People from all around WA, OR, Canada and other places swarm the once quiet rarely fished hole sad It's all the magazine/ Web hype from guy's paying to go on guided trip's then sharring to all the good spot's. It's not fair and it's not right!

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Anyone know any hot spots in the NW?

which area are you going to be in? Im sure your not looking to jump into the middle of someones honey hole so you can probably disregard bust bigs comments, You can always stop by the sportsmans warehouse they have a big board, that has the current fishing reports for the area as well as checking out pretty much any of the sporting goods stores could help you out.

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Anyone know any hot spots in the NW?

That time of year when the hacthery brats are starting in most western streams so just about any river would not be a bad choice if fishable. Alot of rivers are dropping from the floods. Just about everyone is going to have to hunt for fish this year cause the flooding changes all the honey holes Brick Wall,) they are not there anymore(just like last years floods) Good luck and tight lines

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