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anyone here have any serious hunting injuries?

After reading some recent threads I was wondering if anyone here has gotten seriously hurt while hunting.

I've only lost a fair amount of blood over the years but nothing I couldn't just tape up good. I've broken both legs an half my ribs in a farming accident . Left arm broken in a stupid trip and fall in the yard. Right arm playing football in high school. Fell on the ice and broke my nose and all my teeth when I was 15.

But after all that I have fortunately not been seriously injured while hunting.

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not much

Thank God I have never been seriously injured hunting.

I have had TWO tree stands fall out from under me and been banged up for a few weeks.  I twisted a knee hunting on a snow covered steep hillside and that ended my running career and still hurts whenever I use it beyond day to day walking - but while life changing it was not in any way life threatening so I count my blessing!

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Nothing serious but..

I did take 3 #7 1/2, 12 ga pellets to the back of my neck and 1 in my left ear-lobe from a dumb@#* shooting at a low flying Quail. I saw him shoulder and follow the bird and thankfully, I turned away,  but not really expecting him to follow thru and shoot right at me. Pellets just broke the skin on my neck but penetrated into my ear-lobe and yes, it hurt worse that anything ever.


I also fell from a 8 ft ladder stand and my rifle hit me square on top of my head. left a pretty good knot on my noggin. I still managed to kill a pig about 45 minutes later though.

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My only real problem was

My only real problem was while I was pheasant hunting a very long time ago while I was in high school.  I had just bought a M65 field jacket at the local army surplus store the day before.  While hunting I saw a pheasant come up just to my left and then noticed another hunter a ways away pointing his shotgun in my direction.  I just turned my back to him and started to crouch down when the shot hit me in the back.  While none of them made it through the jackets insulation it didn't do the jacket any good.  The other hunters in the area escorted that hunter back to his car and informed him that he was no longer welcomed on that property which at the time held a lot of pheasants. 

Also one year I was fishing on the Gunnison River where it comes out of the Black Canyon with a friend.  I had just crossed the river and noticed that it got real deep to the down stream side of me.  My friend crossed over just below me.  While I watched he hit a hole and disappeared and came back up all tangled up in fishing line.  I managed to wade out and grab hold of his fishing pole to drag him in.  I still refer to him as the biggest sucker that I have ever caught. 


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Getting hurt

The only thing I have ever done was run a knife thru the joint in my thumb where it meets your palm and about cutting it off while taking care of a bear I shot. Luckily my friend got back pretty quick with the pack frames and helped me out. He was more upset he had to finish the bear then me messing myself up.

My uncle killed an elk down in a deep canyon when I was a kid and we took the horses down in to get the elk out. While he was working on the elk he slipped and ran the knife right thru the center of his hand. The wierd part was that the knife did not break the skin on the exit side but stretched it out about four inches. You could see alll of the little viens and stuff under the skin.

The worst thing I ever seen though was one of my uncles clients was crawling thru some thick oakbrush and got stuck in the forehead with about a hundred quills from a porcupine. That was horrible ! That was when we learned that if you cut off the ends they pull out much easier. Yes

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It is amazing how far the

It is amazing how far the skin can stretch before it breaks. My son got a fishhook deeply in his hand with a 3 pound striper still attached to it last year at Powell. After we got the fish cut off we had to push the hook the rest of the way through to get it out. The skin stretched just like you said and then made an audible pop sound as the hook broke out. He squeeled pretty good but was back fishing in about 10 minutes and mostly forgot all about it.

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I have not been injured while

I have not been injured while hunting, at least not seriously....Knock on wood.

However, a man that used to be a family friend, when he helped my Dad coach our little league team with his sons, died when he fell out of a tree stand.

He didn't come home, and one of his sons headed out and went to his stand.  He found him at the base of the tree.

Really sad......

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