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Anyone have a hog bay pen in KS or OK?

I need to get my blue lacy up to par on baying hogs soon. Am willing to help out with one bag of dog feed if needed and physical help as well. Just want my dog to be back baying hogs since his 1 and half year haitus. I'm in Wichita, KS. Thank you.

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Re: Anyone have a hog bay pen in KS or OK?

isn't it illegal to hunt hogs in KS? i think it's stupid, most other places want all of them killed whenever possible.

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Anyone have a hog bay pen in KS or OK?

Their logic was that if they didn't ban pig hunting then hunters would release hogs into the wild and create a bigger problem eye roll

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Anyone have a hog bay pen in KS or OK?

Actually it's not illegal to hunt hogs in KS. I found out the way KS hunting laws are made is really screwed up. Basically you have to go thru the KS Livestock Comissioner to get a hunting permit for hogs. What it means is you have to send a written permission from the landowner who is having problems with hogs..the permission gives you permission to hunt hogs on THEIR land only! Then you send the letter to the KS Livestock Comissioner whose name is George Teagarden (work email: gteagarden@kahd.ks.gov) then he will issue you a permit to hunt ONLY that property! Basically what KS is trying to do is track the number of licensed hog hunters who provide removal services. He told me personally that dogs are allowed, traps as well, gun or bow. I asked about training dogs and he said whatever works for you. Basically KS has 20 counties that have feral hogs roaming. Used to be there were only 4 counties about 10 years ago that had hogs and they were military property if I understood it correctly.

It's the opinion of the KS goverment is that someone is spreading the hogs illegally in the state of KS for the sole purpose of promoting the hog hunting aspect. From what I heard (even though I'm deaf in real life..I still learn about other things) is that the KS wildlife parks or whatever they have here (I'm from Texas and every hunting aspect is run by the Texas Wildlife & Parks) is putting out people who are pretending to hog hunt in order to entrap hunters so that way they will prevent people from hunting hogs. Really screwed up deal. It's my opinion that the KS government is hiding their head in the sand. We have feral hogs in Colorado and about 10 thousand in Missouri. I know northern OK doesn't have hogs but the SE part does. I know of a herd about 20 minutes away from my house that some frustrated farmer released a few years ago. They're not really feral but probably are now. Those won't have the wooly hair or the aggressiveness of a true feral hog.

From what I learned is that there are some illegal hog hunters that hunt hogs regardless of regulations because the hogs are occuring on their lands. Also learned that they hired a military helicopter to machine gun the hogs on one reserve and they didn't get them all. I think it's a real waste of spending airline fuel and time. Airplane fuel is very expensive compared to regular fuel. In Texas, they claimed to have done the machine gunning thing and said they got around 200...heard it was less than 8 from a friend who was there and the people who hired the helicopter were so embarrassed by the waste of money, they didn't try it again. Hogs aren't going to stand around while being machine gunned to death.

With that being said, I'm willing to help build a bay pen if I can work dogs in there and will hunt legally. Contact me through this website. Baypens have to be built a certain way for it to work. Do not build it in a square. That will enable the hog to back up in a corner and whip the dogs. Best to build them in a figure 8. The smaller end holds the hogs while the middle end is the chute and the larger end is where the dogs work the hogs. Be sure to include rocks and trees in the working part of the pen because pups will have to learn to navigate them in order to work the hogs. Build a station in the middle so you can jump on it when charged by a hog and be safe. Also make sure you have wooden shields to help you corral the hog and to prevent a hog from trying to hook you when charging in your direction. Be sure to block off half of the baypen because feral hogs tend to try to go thru or over the pen when they're first put in there if they can see thru the fence. Use either wood (my preference for obvious reasons) or metal for that.

FYI, the KS hunting laws change EVERY year so it's my recommendation that the KS hunters band together and convince whomever is in charge (I'll bet it is the KS Livestock Comissioner's office...you can ask about where to change laws if you email Mr. Teagarden) to get the stupid laws changed. I was told the main reason for the laws is the EXTREME concern that the landowners have about trepassing hunters. That was what I was told was the reason for the permit law.

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ks hog info

Just seen the posts about hog huntin in KS... I have been seeing feral hogs ,about 15 miles south of our farm in south east KS, on a friends land that i sometimes deer hunt. About ten years ago a guy hauled a stock trailer with thirty hogs trapped off of a south texas ranch and turned them loose around mapelton in SE KS! And the population has thrived, and the local farmers are hacked!

Last month every game warden in the state of kansas were at a training seminar held at a military installation where i work. During lunch a couple sat down beside me...we started b-s'n and started talking about the hogs in the area. When i said that i had arrowed one while deer hunting, one of the wardens flipped. haha He then told me it was illegal unless u have a special permit obtained through the dept. of agriculture and it is as illegal as hell to sport hunt them. I was told that the reason for this is that they are trying to eradicate the population and if people were allowed to sport hunt them that more people would import them and help the population continue to thrive by other means.

Personally i would love nothing more than to get em in my backyard and not have to travel to texas to get into some good hogs! But the big dogs that call the shots don't seem to agree! So they are going to continue to waste those prescious tax dollars by trapping and using helicopters....and it will all be for nothing because as we all know hogs are smart, very very adaptive, and have one heck of a reproduction rate! Currently hogs live in the humid heat of south texas and even in the fridgid cold of canada, east coast and west and many places in between!

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