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Anyone following this ELK story (Updated)

frankenstein elk on the loose, IF&G not having luck, sue happy morons, local hunters find only a few, sounds like a bad "b" movie.

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Anyone following this ELK story (Updated)

So, this gets even more interesting...

Another blog I just read says that Mr. Rammell here has SOLD his "168-acre" ranch to a guy from California who has no intention of running an elk ranch. Further, he'd done this prior to the escape and has an agreement with a neighbor to buy his remaining elk (assuming this was before they left the property). Also said he wanted to focus on helping his daughter win the Miss Idaho contest and then run for Governor of ID.

168 acres? That's not even a square mile! Talk about shooting elk in your backyard?!

There's also info out there that Mr. Rammell's herd hasn't been in the greatest state of nutrition - he'd been feeding them hay all summer, as the whopping big "ranch" is reportedly terribly overgrazed (what do you think a penned elk on the overgrazed side of the fence would do when it saw tall grass and wide-open spaces on the other side?)

I also noticed on his own website that the "hunt photos" are labeled with the shooter's name, and a "point class" in the other corner. If he's been breeding Franken-elk, can they be scored (and compared) the same way you would a REAL elk?

This guy should have been shut down years ago - and makes a good case for outlawing pen-shoots altogether.

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Anyone following this ELK story (Updated)

Fellas, If this looney thinks he's got a chance of winning and election in Idaho he's out of his mind. No candidate wins in Idaho without the sportsman's vote and this guy will not get anybody's. Heck I'll bet his daughter's chances of becoming Miss Idaho have been wiped out as well. If his herd does do damage to the wild herds then people will be looking for his hide. The paper said he is going to run as an abused citizen who has been singled out by the state and opressed. He's turned it completely into a libertarian issue instead of taking any responsability for his neglegance. Now I agree the state should butt out of many things, but we trust them with the management of our precious wildlife and this is definately within their powers.

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Anyone following this ELK story (Updated)

i guess if you want to shoot a 500 plus bull this is where you go. No wonder 500 plus bulls are not found in nature. lol

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Anyone following this ELK story (Updated)

Am I missing something? Cattle will bust out when they are not being cared for. It sounds like these elk did the same thing.

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