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Anyone in Eastern CO??

I live near Durango in SW CO. I am looking for anyone who live in Eastern CO, That wouldn't mind showing me a good place to hunt a whitetail. I would like to try to get a whitetail this upcoming 09 season, we only have mule deer on this side of the state. In return I would be willing to show you some good elk area.
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Anyone in Eastern CO??

to Big Game .net

The only problem with the whitetail hunting on the eastern Plains is it is almost all private land there is a few areas though that you may be able to get into and hunt with some public access but its way better with a bow as the season is about 2 months long. Either way you will need a few points.

Send me an email it is in my profile and I will see if I can help ya out

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Anyone in Eastern CO??

Most of the better Plains units will take 3 to 5 points to draw a rifle buck, early & late. A few can be had for 0-1. Living in the middle of what many hunting magazines describe as two of the better units, 122 & 127, I can tell you that bruiser Whitetails are few and far between. Lots of little guys but the big boys are rare. For the most part, you can forget about access to quality riverbottoms. Uplands.....not such a big deal but the wall hangers are LOTS harder to find. But then, you probably knew that already.

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