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not hard i dont think just go cabelas and u can get 1 there, thats were i go just cost u the non residents fee thats all.... lucky well most of the time i see the bigger bucks on opening week end by the 2nd there pressured and bed down in my exp.thats why i think thats the first reason i was lucky lol....here is the story lol....it was the 2nd weekend of rifle i had seen some deer just that they werent moving that much, i think they went nocturnal cause i seen them in the fields going to stand...it was about 8:30 am hadent seen any thing but turkeys i was looking right down the river bottom edge to my south were a main trail is used, some times they use the river to move and u will never see them, there go right around u, there smart lol...i didnt see anything i look to my left down the other river bottom edge....might have been 20 sec and looked back south again and there he was running down the edge , he came out of no were i didnt even hear him even when i seen him i couldnt still hear him he ran and stopped about 100 yrd. from me dead stop it was weird looking around and noise in the air , i took a shot he didnt move was wondering if i missed, he then turned facing me walked about 15 feet and started to slowly walk back south, watching him through my scope i waited to get a clear shot again, took my sec shot about 70 yrds away i knew i hit him that time he jumped 3 feet off the ground ran for about 30 yard and crashed to his front feet then fell..thats why i think i was luck i had to shot 2 times cause i figured if i missed he would run...anyways funny thing was i did hit him both times when i skined him he had holes on both side about the same area it was weird the 2nd shot went through and didnt come out broke his left sholder.

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Anybody looking to hunt in Kansas

I've had deer do that to, where you shoot and think man he didn't even move must have missed , then watch him walk 30-40 yds and collapse. I've also noticed some years the deer just disappear for 7 - 10 days. Usually during the last week of bow season leading into the beginning of rifle. Making that second week of rifle season a little more rewarding. Of course thats here and I believe your rifle season starts during the peak of the rut, so that is a little odd they were laying low that first weekend. None the less a deer like that keeps your hunting fire raging for many years!

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Anybody looking to hunt in Kansas

I've also taken a particular deer out of a group.....the shot deer runs off and the rest stand there wondering what just happened. I think they just can't tell where the shot came from and often if it's later in the season, they get used to hearing gunshots once in awhile.

You just never know when a nice buck will show up during the rut. Cool story.

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