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Anybody here use a 30-40 Krag?

I recently bought an old Springfield 1898 in that caliber. It's an old military gun, but got it for 125.00 at a pawn shop. Got a box of bullets, but haven't shot it yet. Looks like it would make a good brush gun.

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A classic

The round is a classic and has taken many big game critters over the years.  I do not haver one myself.  It is a low pressure round so dont expect 30-06 performance.  This round was orriginally chambered in the Craig-Jorgenson action (adopted by the military around the Spanish American war era).  That bolt action was often called the "smoothest bolt action ever made".  Because of that many wildcatters tried to rechamber the action for the new "high pressure" rounds that were coming out.  Lots of bad accidents over that due to the fact that the action was not strong enough for the new powders of the day.

So have fun with the gun (good price!) but not a good idea to try to rechamber!

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My stepdad had one many many

My stepdad had one many many years ago. I vaguely recall it. But for shooth, about the same period in time I got to handle a Manchlicer-Shonauer (sp), the old split bridge one. I still remember perfectly how smooth that was. I've handled a few rifle much more recently touted to be the smoother, none could compare. Closest was the Colt/Sauer. I've even tried the newer Manlicher's and they are not even close!

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.30-40 Krag

My Uncle has one. I borrowed it from him back in 1966 and used it to kill my first bull elk.

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