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Anybody here taken a deer slam?

Okay what exactley would constitute a north american deer slam? I know muleys, whitetail, columbian blacktail, sitka blacktail, and coues deer are on the list but am I missing any?

I recently heard of the columbian whitetail but they are severely limited from what I have read so not sure if they should go on the list.

Anybody taken all of the above or more? Deer are my passion and I'm thinking of making a LONG term plan to pursue them all. So far I only have mule deer and whitetail.

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Not me

I never have taken any deer except white tail and mule deer.  Of course I'd like to take the others but it is not a goal that I am actively pursuing.  There are a number of folks who have done it.  The one that comes to mind is the guy who wrote Quest for 29: Remo Pizzagalli

He took all 29 big game species in North America.  I have not yet read his book but here is a link to an article on it.  I'm watching for a used copy and looking forward to it.


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