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Anybody have success Colorado 1st Rifle?

Our whole party was skunked in two separate areas of the southern Flat Tops. A foot of snow came in Friday morning and must have pushed all the critters way down the valleys. It was a shitshow at 10,700'. Everyone was more concerned with survival than actual hunting. By Sunday things thawed a bit and everyone was heading home except the horsemen who were heading miles down the valleys.

Anyone have success? Weirdest 1st season in my recent memory.

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I sure would have if I had a

I sure would have if I had a tag. I went scouting all week, and was within 50 yds of some nice bulls. Lots of bugles still heard.

They were at 9500ft.

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Cow in unit 6

I got my cow in unit 6 on opening day at sundown. It was a lone cow and was the only elk I saw all day. There was about 3-4" of snow on the ground (at about 9,500'), which with the previous snow storms probably pushed most of the elk down into North Park. There were a lot more hunters than usual in the area, but I did not hear a lot of shots, so I don't know how everyone else ended up for the season there.

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My son and I were in elk all day long. We finally closed out our tags about 30min before sundown on opening day.

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Saw 6 bulls opening morning

Saw 6 bulls opening morning but only had cow tags. Did see some cows later but too far to cut them off. This was at about 7,000.

Never did fill the tags though.

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Just as we suspected, they

Just as we suspected, they were down below 9500'. We sure were wasting our time at 11,000'! Congrats to those who got them.