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Anybody have a Saiga 12 gauge shotgun?

Anybody here have a Saiga 12? 

How do you like it?

Any issues?

Hav eyou modified it or swapped parts?

Any recommendations for or against accessories or modifications?

Any comments, hints, or suggestions?

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Never heard of a Saiga Mike. 

Never heard of a Saiga Mike.  You thinking of buying one?

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It's an assault weapon if I

It's an assault weapon if I remember correctly - 12 gauge that can be modified with the typical paramilitary style of stocks, barrels magazines...even full auto.  Can't think of any real need to have one other than the fun and why not factor (it's what makes America great) or maybe competition but those reasons are good enough.  I can just imagine the looks you'd get pulling one out of a case at the start of a grouse or woodcock hunt.  I bet the boys in the tweed jackets with their side by sides would instantly pretent not to know you.

If you really need one I'm thinking your backyard is somewhere in northern Afganistan.

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I think I will be looking for one if the price is right

Hal Fast - I think that you might have the Saiga confused with something else.  I'm sure that you can restock and trick them out to do just about anything, but as imported the Saiga jumps through all the politically correct hoops.   


 It doesn’t come anywhere near even the incorrectly applied and inaccurate federal definition of “assault weapon” with its three evil feature definition



While the single stack magazine looks huge, it only holds five rounds. No pistol grip, no bayonet lug, no flash hider.  The one thing that it has that seems to make the gun grabbers nervous is a detachable magazine.  But it only comes factory standard with a magazine that holds five shells.  Factory standard also includes a sporter stock that looks like it belongs on just about any other synthetic stocked shotgun ever made.  I do like the five round capacity over the more common semi automatic shotguns with a three round capacity tube magazine.  The extra couple of shells make it sound like a great option for turkey hunting to me.  We can bag two birds in the spring and two in the fall.  It can be done with one shell in each season under ideal circumstances, but tow or three shells is more common, and reloading for the second bird is often necessary.  I would have to block the magazine to 3 shell capacity to use it for waterfowling, but I do like the idea that you can get larger magazines for it if you are looking for an option to defend the chicken coop or your bedroom door.  In my home state (New York) magazine limit for semi automatic anything is ten rounds.  But a twelve gauge with ten rounds sounds a heck of a lot better than a twelve gauge side by side or with a three round capacity tube if there is a need to deal with varmints of two or four legged variety.  I once had three feral dogs in my chicken yard at once.  Sometimes you need more than one shot.


I wouldn’t mind picking up a Saiga if I can find one for the right price.  I think they import for about $500 but when the BAETF considering banning the importation that soared to about a thousand dollars.  I've seen them offered new for six hundred fifty and used in the six hundred dollar range lately.  I bargain shop, so rarely pay full retail for anything, but when I see one dipping below six hundred dollars, I’ll probably grab it.  Yes

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Hey Mike. I've got one and

Hey Mike. I've got one and they can be a very fun but complex gun. First I would recommend going to the saiga12.com forums for a ton of information. Many of them have gas port problems righ out of the box, not enough ports or plugged ports and don't cycle well. Mine works perfect with heaby loads, buckshot and slugs but won't quite cycle birdshot and field loads at all. With a little work amd more rbeaking in that might change but it's irritating.

There are a ton of accessories but remember if changing the stock or magazine for more capacity you can be in violation of 922r very quickly. You have to have a certain number of American made parts to stay legal once you change things. Surefire makes some choke tubes now as well as polychoke that can get you more into hunting mode with it. As far as pistol grip stocks I would do a whole trigger move conversion if you want one as the cheaper options just don't have good balance.

Again check out that forum as you can spend hours learning about the gun, otions and the different problems you can encounter. I love mine but it's not as great as it seems for the price right out of the box. Of course some guys have no problems at all and live happy from the bedinning.

Good kuck if you find one for the right price. I paid 6 for mine 3 years ago but 6 or 7 years ago you could get them for more like 350 which is more what they are worth really.

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1.) There seems to be some

1.) There seems to be some inconsistency in machining the mag well.  Some aftermarket mags work on one gun and then not on another.

2.) They don't seem to like light 2-3/4 game loads... fail to feed due to short cycling.  Most 3" shells work fine, especially buckshot and slugs.

3.) Lots of aftermarket support, Tapco makes a collapsible, pistol grip stock that bolts right up.

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Thanks guys

Thanks guys.  I picked one up for $600 and it worked fine for full power buckshot loads but would not eject target loads.  I swapped in the carolina Shooter Supply "low brass reliability kit" with an improved puck and plug for the gas system and a weaker spring (operates with less gas) and now she feeds and ejects everything beautifully.  I'm pretty darned happy but have yet to hunt with it.

Import prices have gone back to the $500 range, so watch for bargains!

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