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Any Upland Reports?

Well, I have been hearing lots of bad news from the pheasant belt, i.e...SD,NE,KA,IA,ND, and was just wondering if there were any guys who live in pheasant country who are seeing good numbers of birds? Myself, I live in NE Montana and upland bird numbers seem to be doing pretty well in my neck of the woods! Grouse and huns have been pretty plentiful this fall so far and pheasant numbers seem to be doing better then the last few years to me and those I talk with. Anybody else care to share a report? I know its a big game forum but what the heck...

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Go to this web site and ask

Go to this web site and ask Neil as he has a great deal of information on pheasant numbers... http://www.uplandgameadventures.com/  Tell Neil Retired2Hunt sent you! 

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So far

It is bad news just about every where in Kansas. Nebraska will be spotty and the Dakota's look to be a challenge this year. If I was to go, I would choose the Dakota's or even Eastern Montana.