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Any tips on how to anchor in deer?

I agree with halvtaz, a chain or rope works best. The hardest part is getting them to sit still long enough to tie them up.

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Any tips on how to anchor in deer?

Thats a great question, i once had that problem because one side of my property is boardering public hunting ground (where the first deer they see is a dead deer), and the other land was leased. But actually having this kind of situation works well because the deer will get pushed onto your property (that is if you have adequit brush and at least 150 acres). We also planted all our roads with food, put out a few food plots, put out deer cane and rackup minerals on heavily used trails (which makes it easy for you to find what area has most action due to amount of minerals eaten). And if you want to be more inquisitive you can put out cameras to see when the deer are there.

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