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Any suggestions

Alright guys i need help i live in oklahoma and been hunting this piece of ground for the last two years first year i did nothing but show up and hunt opening day i got my doe and last day i finally got a little 4 by 4 buck no big deer in sight though. last year i got a little more hungry so i put a feeder out with corn due to people messing with my feeder didnt really work but let me tell you we had two really nice size mulies takin from this land and two really nice whitetail also this land is in the middle of two corn fields so i need suggestions of something to feed the deer other than corn??? I need help getting the deer to find my food?? because to the north of this land are some sand hills and im sure this little piece of land im hunting which is mainly praire grass was a pit stop for them this last year they would bunk there and start moving at 8:00 am i would like to get the deer to come to my feeder to eat and not just cause they stumble across it so all ears to any help thanks

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You might be screwed by the

You might be screwed by the proximity of the corn fields. For deer looking to fatten up for winter I can't imagine a better food source than corn - why bother with your little pile when theres a field of it (along with cover from the stalks etc) just over there. Once they find a honey hole like that it can be a real exercise in frustration getting them to move.

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How tall is the prairie

How tall is the prairie grass?  If it's 4' tall or higher it sounds like a dynamite bedding/transition area.  I agree that feeding them probably isn't going to do you much good, don't muck it up if they bed there and you will see plenty of deer.

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Soy beans seem to be pretty

Soy beans seem to be pretty popular from all the stuff I have read.

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If there is a all you can eat

If there is a all you can eat corn area right next door the only way your corn pile will work is if the deer feel more secure at your corn pile. Make sure its in a secluded area and fight the urge to visit the area to often. I'm 100% sure you can make corn work in your spot with a little fine tuning.

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Deer food

Remember that deer are browsers.  Corn is really not that great of a food source for deer until it gets really cold.  Corn plots can be great bedding lcoations.  I have had corn plots go nearly untouched (by the deer anyway) until the first stretch of cold weather.  Depending on when you are hunting, a clover or alfalfa patch can draw deer like crazy.  Deer do not fed on single sources.  I have gutted over a hundred deer and never have I found one full of corn.  They usually have some corn mixed with 20 other things.  If you are hunting early go with clover and later you can use turnips (this only works once the weather drops below freezing for 10 days or so.  Soybeans are great put we have so many deer that the soybeans are the first thing to disappear.  It really depends on the time of the year you are hunting, the weather, and you ability to grow these various food plots.

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I'll ditto that.  Soybeans

I'll ditto that.  Soybeans are a great attractant......

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well after pondering it i

well after pondering it i purchased some rice bran and some mineral blocks and put out the feeder and i know its awful early but i put it out with my trail cam and big success deer there every morning and evening and there are two monster mulies iv got pictures of now im really excited

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Where,where they at,dont C

Where,where they at,dont C any pic's....

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ill get them uploaded later

ill get them uploaded later today when i get home

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C'mere deer and trophy rocks

use C'mere deer to get the deer there and a couple trophy rock all natural mineral licks to keep them coming back.

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