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One thing about shipping

One thing about shipping antlers is that it can get real expensive real quick.  If you ship them whole or intact the oversize shipping charge will kill you.  A taxidermist friend of mine in Arizona that has worked with a outfitter in Alaska hunting caribou usually splits the skull and then places the antlers together just so that they take up a lot less space.  So before going to Alaska for that trophy moose hunt you really need to check with your airline or a shipping agent and see just what it is going to cost you to get your trophy home. 

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Thanks for all the tips guys. I truly appreciate the good advice


Thanks for all the tips guys.  I truly appreciate the good advice.


Ndemiter I appreciate the information and the advice.  That was pretty much what I planned to do as well.  I had a similar experience when I flew out to Namibia from JFK in New York City on September 11th, 2002.  With it being the first anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks in New York City, the airport was on high alert with police everywhere and security checks were very thorough with long lines at every point of the process.  I showed up with a rifle case and discretely let the airline folks know that I had a firearm to check, we were escorted to the front of the line and had bags checked almost before we knew what was happening. 


Hunter25 that sounds like a great idea for a combination vacation / hunt.  I don’t know many wives who couldn’t be convinced to come along on a hunting trip if the incentive was a Hawaiian vacation package!

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I butchered my deer myself in

I butchered my deer myself in my buddy's back yard and then froze it solid in the freezer.  What I did was take my fly fishing insulated hip waders (200 gram thinsulate) and wrap my cuts in freezer paper, double ziplocked them and then put them into each wader.  Then I stuffed a 3 dollar space blanket into the top of each wader, folded it over and taped it shut.  I was able to get a full backstrap, 2 shoulder roasts and 2 back hams home.  I ended up eating one of the backstraps while I was out West at my buddies house.  Fried half of it and then grilled the other half a different night.  I left him with the stew meat and neck, which he gladly ate and a couple other smaller cuts.  I packed this all around 5 in the morning and drove 2 hours to Billings, MT.  Then I waited an hour and then boarded.  Flew 6 hours home to Louisiana.  At 5 pm, I landed and they had put my luggage on the next plane.  At 6 pm, I finally got my luggage and drove 30 minutes home.  By 6:30, nearly 13 hours later, I opened the waders and the meat was frozen solid.  Mayble a little defrosted on the edges, but perfect.  I just ate my last roast a week ago nearly 9 months later.  To make room for the meat, I ended up mailing home bulky items such as a jacket, ski hats and socks that I had worn etc.  This only cost me 15 dollars postage in the nearest town and it was all at my door the day after I got back.  I took heavy items that werent prohibited on my carry on bag.  Next year I may try some soft sided kayak coolers or similar instead of the waders, but still wrap it all in the space blankets inside of the coolers.  Bring a scale to make sure you arent at 50 pounds.  I would stop loading at 43-45.  The airlines scales seem to cheat.......

I actually skinned my deer and salted it in pickling salt I got from a hardware store out there, rolled it up, froze it and put it in two hefty bags and brought that back also and had it tanned.

Good luck this upcoming season.

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Thanks for the tips!

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when i went to alaksa to hunt

when i went to alaksa to hunt dall sheep.  I bought  a cooler up there. I came out of the bush and put my sheep meet in the outfitters chest freezer over night. I than packed the cooler full of meat  the next morning and checked the cooler in as baggage.  don't let the little fees get in the way of the big picture.   the meat was excellent.  

 It didn't go as well with a sheep out of bc because i drove and it was 10 days after the animal was killed before it saw a freezer.  the outfitter warned me that no one takes meat from northern bc but i was determined.  I failed.  I ended up chucking most of that animal.  I should have left it for camp meat.

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