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Any Maine Hunters?

Anyone else here hunt Maine? Hunt up in Aroostook County every year myself. Not as many deer up there, but my 8 point buck weighed 204 that I shot up there this season.[/img]

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Any Maine Hunters?

Welcome to the forum.
I happen to be in Maine right now for a couple of days on business. Have hunted Maine once before. Got nothing but had a good time. I am sure you will find another mainiack or two. Good hunting.

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Any Maine Hunters?

A little late responding to the post since I just noticed it. I've been hunting Maine for the last 20 years. I currently hunt the western part of the state. The last few winters have been pretty mild so I've noticed an increase in the herd in the area I hunt.

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Any Maine Hunters?

I am from Maine and hunt with an oneida black eagle bow. Harvested this ten point with my BE II in October.[img][/img]

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Any Maine Hunters?

Can't wait to Maine hunt.

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Any Maine Hunters?

I live in Maine and hunt whenever I get the chance. What a great place to get outdoors.

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Any Maine Hunters?

Hello my name is Mike I live in Texas but I try to get up to Maine ever chance I get. I have hunted bear around the Andover area. I have found that the local people are the friendly,s people you will ever meet.

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Any Maine Hunters?

I have hunted in Maine the last 2 yJanuary's for Sea Ducks. We had a great time up there and if we can get it planned will be heading back again in January 2009 Thumbs up

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Any Maine Hunters?

born and raisied here. Lots of great hunting. If you can have success here you can hunt well anywhere!!!!!

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Any Maine Hunters?

Hey Oneida, nice buck. Did you take him with a recurve? I shoot traditional as well. I fish Maine, but now I REALLY want to hunt there too.

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Any Maine Hunters?

hunter from the uk here,glad to be on board!

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