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Any luck in NM Unit 9 2012?

Hello there.  A few buddies and I are going to Unit 9 (Mt. Taylor) for cow elk this weekend.  I had success out there a couple years ago on a late season cow hunt.  I dropped a nice size cow near Horace Mesa.  During that time we also saw quite a few cows on the north side near Effran Tank and Antelope Flats.  When we scouted a couple weeks ago, the Antelope Flats area was very dry and there were hardly any tracks.  I didn't see any sign over there.  The only elk we saw were a couple of spikes in the trees and a small group eating hay in a private field.

Has anyone hunted unit 9 this year?  Any recommendations on where the cows may be hanging out?  It's pretty mild and very dry out there.  Any info is appreciated!