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any issue sighting in in the rain.

i got a couple of rifle i want to get sighted in.  We are having a very wet spring and i was wanting to get some rifles sighted in this weekend.  it will be raining.  any issues sighting in in the rain?

wind i get,i just wasn't sure about rain.  100 yard and 200 yard sight ins.




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Rain or not

Well Tim I have to assume you will be hunting in the rain so sighting in your rifle in adverse conditions dosent sound like a proub to me.  I am sure that the long range paper punchers have all kinds of data on this but for the guy that is just out putting meat on the table, there will not be enough of a difference to be concerned.

A rainy day at the range is better than no day at the range!

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I read an article on this

I read an article on this subject somewhere a few months ago and the results clearly showed that under normal rainfall it had absolutely zero affect on the path of the bullet. In slow motion video it showed that the air being pushed away from the bullet in flight also pushed any raindrops away and none ever touched the bullet itself. They did not go into a complete downpour or extreme long range but that would not fall under normal hunting conditions anyway.

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only if....

The only potential issue that I see is if the wet stock changes your contact points on the barrel and thus your point of bullet's impact by swelling or warping when wet.  A synthetic stock probably has no issue here.

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any issue sighting in in the rain

Groovy mike has a good point about stock swelling/warping.  But as far as ballistics goes, I've never heard anyone say, "Better aim a little higher...it's raining."  Excitement associated with a decent animal in your crosshairs has a lot more to do with point of impact than a little rain.

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I can relate, being just over the hill.

I don't mind the rain, but the wind that seems to accompany it this year is a real pain in the drain. This year its been more than just a breeze most days. Don't let the rain bother you unless is a downpour.

Wind at your back . . .


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