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Any homemade deer lure and cover scents

Hey unclebuck,
I am going to be around Canadensis tomorrow. If you want to hook up give me a call. I'll send you a PM

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Any homemade deer lure and cover scents

About the only thing I use is the Sent-a-way detergent for my clothes and I may use some B.A Tree "oak-acorn" sent on my hands, hat , boot bottoms, and face. Thats all I use. For the 10 point I shot the other day I just used the detergent w/o cover sent and I just made sure that the wind was hitting me in the face! My unlce has always told me to keep my face pointed in the wind if I wanted to see any deer. With all the HUGE! bucks he has haggin on his wall I felt that I should listen to him. As many of yall know now, it worked in my favour. Look at the post entitled "Don't tell your buddies where to hunt". As I watched him, he was 1/4 into the wind as well as walking straight into the wind following a doe that had been there earlier that morning. Hope this helps somewhat.


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Any homemade deer lure and cover scents

Good advice Reloader Thumbs up

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halvtaz wrote:
Good advice Reloader Thumbs up

HI guys i am new here but when i am bow hunting i use acorn sent and doe urine on my feet it works really good in early bow season i hope this helps lol

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