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Any handgun whitetail hunters?

I was wondering if any of you guys are hunting whitetail with a handguns this year? My brother is going hunting this year with his Encore with a 10 inch 44 Rem Mag barrel and a 2-6 pistol scope. I picked up a Ruger Blackhawk 6.5 inch barrel in 357 Mag recently and I'm torn between my slug gun and my new wheel gun. Here in Ohio we have the choice of shotgun firing slugs (410-10ga) or pistols (straight wall cartridge .357 dia or bigger).

How many of you guy hunt whitetail with a handgun? What's your setup like? How successfull have you been with it?

I'm pretty comfortable out to about 50 yards with my 357. I can keep them on a 5.5 target spot while standing. I figure that is probably good enough to put one in the boiler room of a nice whitetail.

Good luck hunting

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Any handgun whitetail hunters?

I carry a Dan Wesson SS 44 mag with a 6 inch barrel. I have open sights on it and will and have taken deer with it out to 50 yds. I put a (ss) scope on it about 7 years ago and lugged it around 2 seasons. The scope brought some good groups in at 100yds but made the rig a little more combersom than I wanted. The Dan is a heavy goun to begin with and I could never bring myself to going out with out a long gun. (I could just see the buck of a lifetime up in the adk's out 200 yds and the 06 back at camp).
I have been thinking about a Savage Striker for the NY Southern Zone where there is no rifle hunting. But the old Dan W is just to comfy on my hip with a shotgun in my hand.

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Any handgun whitetail hunters?

I have shot bucks both with a smith and wesson 629 with open sights and a T/C contender with a 2X EER leupold scope. The T/C is a real hunter...silent and very deadly. The Smith makes noise upon drawing the hammer, adding a challenge. You have to draw the hammer when the buck is moving and making noise. The T/C contender has one drawback also...it you touch the trigger, you have to break the action before you could again draw the hammer. Both were .44 magnum, which I consider minimum for deer hunting...unless you are a pro...in which case a .22 would suffice. The .44 has proven to be quite deadly on deer, and the recoil is very manageable especially with the new hogue grips. Be aware of the drawbacks of the system you intend to use...it will be a challenge.

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