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Any double rifle users here?

I recently acquired a Bonehill side by side.  It will be awhile before I shoot it though.  The stock needs to be repaired or replaced and there is a weld that I don’t trust in the extractor hook, but I think the rifle can be restored.


Any chance you guys can recommend a decent gunsmith that might do work for less than my annual salary?

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double rifles

What caliber is your rifle? I've always been a big fan of double rifles and do own one that I purchased about 5 yrs ago to complete my gun collection's "action" list; single shot, bolt action, pump, semi-auto, lever, and combination rifles. It is not, however a really nice piece being one of the EAA imported double O/U rifles. It's chambered in .308 and has double triggers. It's acceptably accurate, but both barrels do not shoot to the exact same POA. They are about 4" off from each other at 50 yards.

The rifle has a dovetail on the top of the receiver and I found a Millet ring set that works perfectly for scope mounting. Perhaps it's best use would be with the rifle sights supplied and using it for a close cover hog gun. Using a 180gr load such as a Grand Slam, "X" or Nosler Partition would surely work for any hog encountered.

I have really wanted to purchase one of the newer Remington imported S/S double rifles made by the same company I believe (Baikal) in 45-70. That would be a great gun, IMO. I would love to have one of them for close cover work. I haven't seen one listed for a while and the price was normally around $1,000. +/-  when you did see one.

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I would like to have a double

I would like to have a double gun just because it would look so good in my gun cabnit. Yes I do have a cabnit! It sit's at the foot of my bed and the last thing I see at night and first thing in the morning is my gun's! I cannot imagine casting a loving glance at my gun safe befor drifting off!

Wouldn't it be a lovely thing to carry woods hunting with open sights? Maybe in 35 Rem? Or a 338 Federal might work!

Where's the guy wanting to know if the R25 is a good value? See what I mean? If I had the money I would have the rifle, value be damned!

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500 express

My rifle is an 1890 vintage 500 express.  I'm still not 100% sure if its Nitro express or black powder express.

I think the Pedersoli Kodiak double in 45-70 would be sweet and when last I looked went for about $1,000.

 I love the old outside hammer guns, if onlt I could afford the 375 flanged....

Someday...someday! (God willing!)


The closest I have come to a working double so far is my combination gun in 360 nitro express and 2 inch 12 gauge.



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