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hunters in a doomsday senerio

buckykm1 wrote:

When and if it hits the fan, it is my beleaf, the the hunters will save this country, as others have said above, we can survive, without power and other things, i only own hunting type guns, but i have enough ammo to hold off a small army.


You're absolutley correct.  Hunters will initially be the ones with the skills and equipment to put fresh meat on their families table and bring food to the community as well as teach others how to hunt.  In a world where civilization has broken down and no law and order exists outside of your small klan or local community, then none of the modern sportsman codes of conduct, hunting ethics, nor any of the numerous restrictive game management law that we follow now would really apply anymore.  Besides, who would be around to enforce it? Many land owners of large plots of land sometimes live a long distance away or out of state from their land, who'd be there to stop you from trespassing at dawn or dusk to take a few cottontails or pheasant?? What would really stop you from taking ducks and geese while they're on foot feeding in a park or abandoned golf course grounds?

Personally I think under such a situation like this most hunters would be far more sucessful in their quest for meat, beacuse really these sources are everywhere, and there would be nothing to restrict you from harvesting what you need.  Unless you're feeding a large group of people at once then no need to bother hunting biggame. Since your main source of fresh meat will be in the form of small game - rabbits, squirrels, racoons, and all game birds, this means a good .22LR will be an invaluable weapon to own.

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Any Doomsday Preppers here?

I always see profiles of people stocking up on food, but how many do you see stocking seeds?  That's another argument against the bugout fortress of solitude theory.  What do you do when the MREs run out?  Gardening and agriculture require social stability (even on a local level) and investment in a location.

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I keep seeds on hand.  Keep several packets for stuff that will grow well in my area.  Part of the problem with having a garden is that maintaining a large enough one for food would be a full-time job.  Growing crops on large fields or plots of land would require a good number of people to staff it around the clock.  It would likely be all organic, just as crop growing was done prior to the early part of the 20th century, since herbicides and pesticides would run out or no longer be available.  Anyone who knows anything about organic farming knows just how labor intensive it really is.  Would likely have to take to keeping chickens, pigs, or sheep too at some point.  But overall I agree that a stable form of community would have to exists in order to make all this work.  Bugging out and living in isolation wouldn't keep you alive very long. Like I said, even prehistoric man realized that you could not survive in solitude.  You'd have to form klans or communities.  Plus I rather that all those bug-out types who left just keep going and stay gone, wouldn't really want those types in my newly formed community.  People who are so self-centered so much to run and hide when the going gets tough are not the types I'd want to even be around in a post apocolypic situation.  I also think that all Americans today have become too used of progress that those remaining in an apocolyps would be pretty eager to make an effort to get the so-called Machine going again, even if going at only 25% capacity.  There would be people around with skills and knowledge to get things partially going again.  I think within 15 to 30 years things would be stable and comfortable for many people again.

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