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Any Alaska Black Bear hunters

Anyone else from Alaska gearing up for spring black bear? I have a few weeks before the local black bears start digging out. I have most of my bait stations up, I'll start putting bait out the first week of May. I use popcorn & oats with some kool-aid for smell and old fry grease so the local critters can track around the countryside.

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Re: Any Alaska Black Bear hunters

Sadly, I'm getting ready to move and won't be able to go this year. sad I like the Kool-aid idea, though. I've used rotting stink bait in the past, but I think the sweet stuff brings 'em in better. Las year I hung an anise-scented bait bell in the tree above the barrel so it'd melt and run down the tree, and soaked an old T-shirt in bacon scent and hung it in a tree. Really seems to make a difference to get the scent up in the air where the breeze can catch it. As for the barrel -- dog food and molasses keeps 'em comin'.

Bears won't be out for awhile up here in the interior. Last year I didn't see a thing until the 2nd week in June.

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