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Antler theft

maybe if we all sell a couple sets of antlers we've got laying around then the market will be flooded with them and nobody will need to steal them since they will be so sheap.
Just and idea!

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Antler theft

Wow, Ive heard of people steeling equipment out of trucks and stuff but not that, if i ever caught someone steeling my, or my relatives or friends buck ...well i wont even say it because it wouldnt be pretty.

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Antler theft

I have a younger brother who is a yuppie he asked me for a set for his cottage.
So i gave him a nice rack 9 point 24inch spread.Now when you mention the yuppie thing I get why he wanted a rack should have given him a spike lol.

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Antler theft

I've read there's a big market for antlers.....unfortunately. I can't imagine wanting a trophy that I didn't get myself. Half the fun of having a nice "wallhanger" is telling the story behind it. The other half is having the memory of the hunt.

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