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Anti's funding continues to grow

Anti-hunting organizations continued to see increases in their charitable donations for the year 2006, giving them more money to use in their fight against the outdoor sporting heritage of the nation.

Donations to the animal rights movement in 2006 increased by five percent over the previous year, according to research done by the Animal Agriculture Alliance.

Some of the largest increases were seen by the most recognized of the anti’s. Donations to the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) increased by 17 percent, from $25.8 million to $30.2 million. Humane Society of America donations went from $119.9 million to $130.2 million, an increase of nine percent.

Many of these donations are made by people that think they are just helping to spay and neuter dogs and cats. People simply do not understand the true agendas of these anti-hunting groups and continue to fund their war against our outdoor lifestyle.

This is why it's so important to be a member of the NRA, SCI and your local hunt clubs. It is also good reason to give to NRA/ILA in order to combat the groups that want to destroy our hunting heritage.

Lastly, please register to vote. I frequently write letters and make phone calls and it's always important to let them know you are a registered voter.