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Antelope(doe) whyoming

I've been wanting to hunt antelope for a few years prior to even becoming a hunter. I live in Colorado and am looking for a leftover or OTC doe tag for whyoming or possibly Colorado. 

Im not looking for a trophy, just looking for my best chance of success. I have read good things about antelope Over the border. Any advice/knowledge is welcome.



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Go for Wyoming antelope leftovers

Wyoming is a great place to hunt antelope.  The OTC leftovers will go on sale in a month or so--July 10 for "any antelope" tags and July 17 for doe/fawn tags.  There will be a lot of leftovers but you will need to be prepared to purchase them the morning they go on sale.  Be sure to check the public/private land mix in the units.  Just because a unit is mostly private land doesn't mean it's not a good hunting unit.  Many landowners will grant access for a modest trespass fee (or even for free for doe/fawn tags) if you just ask.  Wyoming is a very hunting friendly state.

Colorado may have a few leftover antelope tags, but most of those tags will be for areas that are not very good (especially when compared to Wyoming).  Good antelope tags are much harder to come by in Colorado, even doe tags.

All things equal, if you have a choice go with the Wyoming leftovers.  You still have time to do some research and figure out what units you'd like to target, what the historical leftovers list looks like, how far you're willing to drive, etc.

Good luck!

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