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Antelope taste good?

I am from the East Coast originally and have never shot or tried eating an antelope.  Are they any good?  Is it more of a trophy animal rather than meat for the freezer?  I have access to a private ranch in WY and would love to try it.

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Well, I can honestly say,

Well, I can honestly say, along with other guys I know, that it's some of my favorite tasting game meat.  I have not actually shot one, but have quite a few friends who, fortunately for me, have shot them and like to share.

They are really, really good.  I have heard that if you get one that has been running alot prior to being shot, or runs alot after the shot before he dies, that it can be tough.  However, none of the antelope that I have ever eaten has been that way.

I prepare it just like I do any venison.  Pretty simple, most recipes will work.

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Antelope is some of the best

Antelope is some of the best tasting game there is. It's extremely important that the meat be taken care of immediately, get the hide off and the meat cooled. We like to age ours for about a week, just like we do with elk and deer. 

Antelope, just like elk and deer makes excellent roasts, steaks and jerky. One of my favorites!  Thumbs up

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Family Favorite

When all the stars align and there's several species of game meat in the freezer, the antelope meat is always the first to go.  As was mentioned, get the hide of and the meat cooled quickly - read that immediately if you kill the animal in an early season or during warm temperatures.  Antelope meat is really delicate and just won't tolerate temperature abuse.  Also the meat is easily tainted by over contact with hair so don't get careless when skinning.

Regardless of how attractive they are, doe antelope can hardly be called a trophy animal in terms of wall mounts.  In terms of skillets and grills however, they are one of the best trophies the west has to offer.

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We really like it

My whole family really likes it.  We eat it often when we have it in the freezer.  It's tastes much different from deer and elk, kind of a sweet aftertaste and the texture is a little different from other meats.  But it is really delicious, just different.

We do have friends who have tried it and not liked it at all.  We have yet to share elk with friends and not have them tell us how great it was.  So it could be a little more hit and miss for some people's taste.  Our family liked it the first time we tried it!


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Antelope meat is great

Antelope meat is great tasting!!! Hope you get one!!!

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Get yourself out to Wyoming

Get yourself out to Wyoming and get a few goats for the freezer. Good eating, lots of fun to hunt and they can also make a fine trophy for the house. The steaks and roasts are great and IMO they make the best jerky of all the big game critters. Once you hunt them you will be hooked for sure.

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It is some awesome tasting

It is some awesome tasting meat, but you also have top care for it real well in the field as so it will not spoil as usually it is warmer during antelope season.  properly taken care of it is great, we make alot of kerky and summer suasge with antelope.  But i will make burgers from antelope all the time and people just love them.

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I like it.  Didn't get one 1st rifle season, but might see if there are any leftover license available for this years December - late season. 

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This comes up fairly often

This comes up fairly often but I will say again that in my opinion it's the best meat there is. Always tender and great tasting. The most important thing is always keeping the meat clean. The hair is extremely strong smelling adn if you get it in the meat you will taste it. 

I just wish they were a whole lot bigger so we could get more meat off of every one of them.

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  I have yet to eat or


I have yet to eat or harvest an antelope but hope to change that here in another week or so.  I am doing a december hunt because I have heard so much about how great the meat is as long as you field dress it correctly.  So with a lot of research I am ready and certainly hope I get one so I can speak of its taste from experience.  So in my opinion get out to WY now and get one in the crosshairs... and be able to field dress it as needed.  Then enjoy!!!  Thumbs up


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