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Antelope hunting in northwest South Dakota

Is public land hunting easily accessible in northwest S.D. like it is in western Wyoming or is there a lot of private land interspersed? I am a non-resident (Houston, TX) thinking of hunting (rifle) there this October 2009 with a buddy. Any other information or tips are welcome including recommended units to apply for, traveling suggestions, where to stay, where to get good topo maps with public/private land, other areas of S.Dakota to consider, et al.

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Antelope hunting in northwest South Dakota

NW SD does have a good amount of public land, see the following link http://www.sdgfp.info/Publications/Atlas/Index.htm . However, as with any public land hunting there is an aweful lot of hunting pressure from the masses. I hunt NW SD each year and am lucky enough to harvest a nice respectable 14-plus incher. I have found that hunting the larger tracts of public land and getting at least 2-3 miles from any roads will 95% of the other hunters that road hunt. Hunting public land also decreases the chances of getting a nice B&C buck.

As far as topo's, any of the wbesites that sell or show topo's will have a supply.

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Antelope hunting in northwest South Dakota

One thing about the public land, is when it's wet, it sucks. The last two years we've had snow during rifle antelope season, and it makes hunting private land tough, and public land very hard. The ground is gumbo, and turns into snot when wet.

RD in SD

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